Notas de un Peregrino

Shedding some light on Firefox OS

"A few days ago Mozilla made an announcement about Firefox OS that got a lot of people excited about the possibilities of a new Mobile OS based on Gecko (Firefox's rendering engine) where everything is a webpage. Along with that greater exposure, more people became interested in trying out Firefox OS, so I figured some clarification in how to test and what to expect of could be of good use." more >>

Adding Syntax Highliting

"Today I added Highlight.JS to the blog. It's a complete gem for highlighting the code in your posts if you use Markdown as I do." more >>

Introduction to Boot 2 Gecko / Gaia development

"I've been wanting to do some development in B2G/Gaia since it was announced at the Mobile World Congress. The idea of being able to code an app only with web technologies, or customize the UI the way I wanted without having to learn a new language was just too much appealing. I couldn't wait no longer, and wrote a post so future adventurers like me know how to get started!" more >>

Redesigning the blog ~ Pt.1

"Recently I found out that I was using the readability plugin just too much on the web. Almost every site with content that interested me had such a poor design that I ended up using that service to be able to read them. So my thinking was "OK, that is something I can't do much about, let's just use readability and that's it "... But it turned out that it wasn't quite correct." more >>